Super Bowl Predictions — It’s Not Too Late To Call Your Bookie

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Super Bowl LII
Sunday, February 4, 2018
c.  6:30 p.m.  EST

New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles


Favorite:  New England Patriots
Point Spread:  4 1/2 points
Over/Under:  48 points

For entertainment purposes only — unless you win.


Evan Lips


First Quarter:  7-3, Patriots
Second Quarter:  14-10 Eagles
Third Quarter:  21-17, Eagles
Fourth Quarter:  34-21, Patriots

Final:  New England Patriots, 34-21

Winner Against Point Spread:  New England Patriots
Over/Under:  Over
MVP:  Gronk


The game will be decided by the Patriots’ ability to deploy a patchwork of pass-catching running backs, a la James White and Dion Lewis.

The formula proved to be effective for a bad Giants team that managed to roll over Philadelphia earlier this season. 

However, if Philadelphia has managed to address that weakness in their defense, and if backup QB Nick Foles keeps up his non-turnover ways, the game could come down to who best manages the clock. 

Doug Peterson, the new Eagles coach, has shown himself to be much more adept at clock management than the Andy Reid of yore. 

And remember — Philadelphia has Legarrette Blount, who Patriots remember all too well as a big game, no-mistakes asset, available to tote the rock during crunch time. 

When that man needs to get a yard he almost always gets it.

The key to the Patriots’ 2018 playoff success has been the coaching staff’s ability to capitalize on the other team’s mistakes.

I can see this Philadelphia team being a mistake-free club, but I can also see Tom Brady keeping up his fourth quarter ways.

Important to consider the overall health of the Eagles. Top wide out Alshon Jeffery and others are getting over a virus outbreak. A place like Minnesota in February won’t exactly clear the sinuses. If the Eagles defense is kept on the field for an absurd amount of time, that fatigue could be a factor — adrenaline only gets you so far.

I’m not an expert I just watch a lot and ignore ESPN.


Matt McDonald

First Quarter:  3-0, NE
Second Quarter:  17-7, NE
Third Quarter:  31-17, NE
Fourth Quarter:  41-27, NE

Final:  New England Patriots, 41-27

Winner Against Point Spread:  New England Patriots
Over/Under:  Over
MVP:  Danny Amendola


First quarter will start slow for both sides, as each tries to establish a running game with modest success at best. Patriots will take modest lead into halftime. Passing game heats up in the third quarter, with Tom Brady to Danny Amendola a recurring theme, and the Patriots pull away in the early fourth quarter. Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Nick Foles starts decently, but fades toward the late first half. New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady starts slow, leads scoring drive before halftime, and lights it up in the second half.


Mr. X


First Quarter:  0-0
Second Quarter:  0-0
Third Quarter:  0-0
Fourth Quarter:  0-0
O.T.:  2-0, NE

Final:  New England Patriots, 2-0

Winner Against Point Spread:  Philadelphia Eagles
Over/Under:  Way Under
MVP:  Justin Timberlake


Snoozer all the way through, with six missed field goals, before it becomes first playoff game ever decided by a safety.


The Old Codger


First Quarter:  Too long
Second Quarter:  Even longer
Third Quarter:  Who cares?
Fourth Quarter:  A rumor

Final:  Way After I Go To Bed


Winner Against Point Spread:  That’s illegal, sonny
Over/Under:  I should report you to the local constable
MVP:  Mrs. Codger


Whoever wins, just please stay off my lawn.