Nancy Pelosi Shows Her True Colors

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Comes now Nancy Pelosi with the peculiar announcement that her grandson wants to be of a different race. The said grandson, of white Anglo-Irish origin, and Italian like his grandmother Nancy, made the remarkable comment at his recent birthday party.

As the House Minority Leader stood at her perch at the House lectern during her very long filibuster, she elaborated how she had asked her undoubtedly cute little six-year-old what he wished for as he blew out his birthday candles, to which he responded, “I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like Antonio.”

From the lectern Nancy Pelosi described Antonio as a Guatemalan boy, and reiterated how beautiful the boy is, then further remarked how beautiful it is that her grandson wished he were of the same race as little Antonio.

As she told the story in the House chambers, Nancy beamed with joy at the revelation that a young member of her family doesn’t like being white, doesn’t want to be white, and wishes he were of a different race. And she smiled the entire time as she told the world that her grandchild would rather be something other than Caucasian.

That any grandmother can revel in her grandchild being uncomfortable in his own skin is offensive beyond comprehension. That this particular grandmother, who happens to also be the House Minority Leader, can proclaim it to the world is not only bizarre, but indicative of a mindset that only the most leftist ideologues in the country can relate to.

Picture John Lewis, a ranking black Congressman, standing at the House lectern to proclaim that he’s proud of his black grandson for wishing he were white. Not only would we be aghast at the thought that his grandson should be ashamed of his race, we’d be all the more offended that his black grandfather would brag about it to the world. Then we’d wonder what kind of parents or grandparents would raise a child to be so ashamed of his own race. To have a child so full of self-hate that his only birthday wish is to be the same color as his friend.

Yet that is precisely what Nancy Pelosi did. And few in the mainstream media even raised an eyebrow. At best, perhaps they giggled under the premise that it’s just Nancy being Nancy. Then again, it’s almost a given there’s more than a few who, like Nancy, would have beamed with pride if their own white child or grandchild announced not wanting to be white.

To the rest of us, which means anyone to the right of Nancy Pelosi and her sycophant media lemmings — or rather, just about every normal person in the country — such behavior defies logic and morality.

It’s not logical that a child should dislike his own race to the extent that he wished he were of another race. It’s immoral that his parents and grandparents would cultivate such an attitude of self-hate. And grossly immoral that they should be proud of it.

Yet many liberals don’t see it that way. In their Alice in Wonderland mindset it’s perfectly acceptable, even preferable, for a white child to want to be anything but white. And, like Nancy, they too would encourage their child to think this way.

To understand why, one has to try, and try hard, to delve into the liberal mindset.

Author and talk show host Michael Savage wrote a book called Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. One look at the Nancy Pelosi’s of the world is enough to validate that premise.

Liberal ideologues start with the premise that Western Civilization is permeated with racism, sexism, homophobism, classism, and numerous other “isms” that defy conventional logic but make perfect sense to them.

Their premise is that whites created and perpetuate this oppressive Western Civilization, with straight white males at the top of the oppressive white pyramid. So these white males, historically responsible for much of the evils in the world, need to be ashamed of both their race and sex, and are required to atone for perpetuating their oppression of other racial, minority, or gender-identity groups.

This is where the liberal concept “white privilege” comes in. Since white people dominate Western society they are inherently racist, and lest they’re in denial, must be reminded of it by oppressed groups or other white liberals.

Got that so far?

So that’s why Nancy Pelosi, who embodies this mindset, can stand at the House lectern with a straight face and gleefully proclaim that her white grandson wants to be another color.

In her worldview her grandson, by his birth as a white American of European heritage, is at the top of the oppressive pyramid. Therefore, he ought to be taught to renounce his race and heritage in order to avoid growing into a racist, oppressive, straight, white male adult.

Thus, her grandchild’s repudiating his whiteness so early in life is a source of pride for a liberal fanatic like Nancy Pelosi.

Would she feel the same way about a black child who wants to be white?  Or might that tempt her and her storm-trooper allies to sic Child Services on the black child’s family?

The sad reality is there are countless others in our country who think and behave like Pelosi. They’re politicians, educators, authors, the media — a powerful cabal that pulls the levers of our institutions, and is most pervasive in the universities and public schools.

Inevitably, it baffles the overwhelming majority of Americans who would reasonably conclude that these liberals have lost their minds. But they haven’t. They’re cool and calculating, and quite serious about imposing their strange liberal mindset on the rest of us. And that’s why they need to be watched, and contained, and fought at every step.

For the sake of all of our children.

Tom Mountain is a Member of the Massachusetts Republican State Committee.