Oscars 2018 Prove That Liberals Are Ruining Everything – Even The Movies

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Hypocrisy:  the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

Synonym:  Hollywood

Other meanings:  Hollywood Actors; The Oscars; Harvey-Weinstein-Blind-Eye Syndrome; The #MeToo Movement; Jimmy Kimmel

The 2018 Oscars. Big ratings flop. One out of five viewers dropped out since last year.

Blame it on streaming … or blame it on liberal screaming.

The 2018 Oscars host Jimmy Kimmel thinks he’s running for office, and seems to be confused that in  both his late-night show and his role hosting the Oscars he is supposed to discuss entertainment and BE entertaining.

If you witnessed the Oscars debacle – Kimmel failed on both points.

Why doesn’t Jimmy Kimmel just go work for CNN?

It’s a serious question. Why doesn’t he? He has certainly positioned himself as a political activist. 

The problem with leaving the comedy world is that Kimmel would actually have to research and debate in order to make the move from funny-man to pundit – and he knows he can’t cut it in the pundit world. 

So Hollywood is stuck with Kimmel because he would fail on a real political show.

If he sticks to entertainment, Jimmy can be cute and inflammatory without backing up a single fact. He will never have to be challenged on the spot for debate if all he ever does is host a show and get fawned over by people who think exactly the way he thinks.

Hollywood is losing American-viewer-love so fast and hard that a new Hollywood has the chance to emerge in the next decade. 

If the left insists on politicizing MOVIE MAKING (yes, that’s all you’re doing, you’re not saving the world, guys) … then so be it.

I believe a conservative-minded production movement might make its own awards show someday, perhaps filming most flicks on the East Coast and letting California do its own thing. Then we would see whose ratings win over time.

Or perhaps a new Hollywood will emerge from the East Coast that will refuse to be political at all! Imagine that! Production companies, actors, and directors who will honor diversity, but not worship identity politics. 

I’ll watch that awards show! Anything that makes it about the movies again. 

We watch movies to escape, to dream, to fantasize, to have fun! The left is ruining that fun at such an alarming rate that I’ve recently broken out my VCR to try and watch some movies I don’t associate with a political statement.