Who Is The Richest Person In Massachusetts?

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Abigail Johnson, president and chief executive officer of Fidelity Investments, is the richest person in Massachusetts, with a net worth of $16.9 billion, according to Forbes Magazine.

Forbes released a list of the richest person in each state.

Among the wealthiest people in New England states, Johnson, 56, is not worth quite as much as Connecticut’s richest person:  Ray Dalio, who as founder of Bridgewater Associates made most of his money in hedge funds. There’s a lot of it – Forbes says his net worth is $17.4 million.

In Rhode Island, the richest person is Jonathan Nelson, who has a net worth of $1.8 billion thanks to private equity. He is the founder of Providence Equity Partners, which focuses on media holdings. But he keeps a low profile — The New York Times once called Nelson “the stealth mogul.”

The daughter of the founder of Dexter Shoe Company, Susan Alfond is the richest person in Maine, according to Forbes, with a net worth of $1.6 billion. Her father later sold the company to Warren Buffett for $420 million in Berkshire Hathaway stock, which is “worth billions of dollars now,” according to Forbes.

New Hampshire’s richest person is Andrea Reimann-Ciardelli, originally from Germany, who is worth $1.1 billion thanks to inheritance of 11.1 percent equity in JAB Holding Company, which she later sold.

In Vermont, John Abele is the richest man. His net worth of $630 million stems largely from co-founding Boston Scientific, a medical device company headquartered in Marlborough, Massachusetts.

The richest person in the United States is Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon (and owner of The Washington Post), who lives in Washington state. Forbes estimates his net worth at almost $131 billion.