Babies Lose In Ireland

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Exit polls suggest that voters in the Republic of Ireland have voted about two-to-one to allow abortion.

Abortion has been illegal in Ireland since long before most of the island achieved independence in 1922. A 1983 amendment to the republic’s constitution guaranteed the right to life for unborn babies.

But the Irish taoiseach (or prime minster) and other major political figures want to make abortion legal, and they brought a referendum to voters on Friday, May 25 asking them to repeal the Eighth Amendment.

Pro-life leaders in Ireland said Friday afternoon they were encouraged by turnout in likely pro-life areas. But an exit poll from The Irish Times, a major newspaper in Dublin that has enthusiastically supported legalizing abortion, suggested that voters approved repeal by about 68 to 32 percent. Official figures were not available as of about mid-evening on the East Coast of the United States.

Assuming the exit polls are correct, the Irish government is expected to introduce legislation in the Dail (or parliament) legalizing abortion soon.