Connecticut Selectman’s Selective Outrage Covers Her With Shame

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The decision by a selectman in Haddam, Connecticut to take a knee during the Pledge of Allegiance last week is almost as laughable as it is offensive.

Melissa Schlag, 43, a Democrat, is claiming her 15 seconds of fame by disrespecting our country. (If you want to see it in all its glory, check out this video clip. The kneeling goes from 0:40 to 0:56.)


It’s being widely reported as a reaction to President Donald Trump’s summit and press conference with Russia President Vladimir Putin last week.

Since that doesn’t make any sense, let’s look at the multiple reasons she listed on her Facebook page – keeping in mind that in any list of reasons given by a disingenuous person, the last one is often the most important.

The first two reasons have to do with Russia. She continues:

“I knelt out of extreme sorrow that immigrant children are being kept in cages, separated from their families for so long they don’t even recognize their parents when and if reunited.”


“I knelt out of extreme sorrow for the bullying, lies, and attack on human rights that comes from the leader of our great nation every single day.”

You knelt because of Twitter?

“I knelt because there are people who are cold, sick, and hungry in this country, while the present administration says humans are not worthy of things like universal health care and must choose every day between the medication needed to stay alive and paying their electric or grocery bill.”

You knelt because Obamacare is still in effect?

“I knelt out of extreme sorrow that women’s rights are being stripped from us by the leader of our nation …

You get the point. And that is the point.

Melissa, you knelt because of Roe v. Wade.

In your Facebook posting, you call yourself “a Haddam patriot as well as an American patriot.”

Well, Haddamites are no doubt proud of you, seeing as now we’ve all heard of your little town of 8,200 people in south central Connecticut.

But why are you proud of yourself?

You were willing (and remain willing, according to your Facebook post) to disrespect the entire country because things aren’t going your way politically.

This is the patriotism of Aaron Burr.

In related news, we congratulate Chip Frey on his appointment by the Haddam Board of Selectmen on a 2-1 vote to fill a vacancy on the town’s Planning and Zoning Commission.

Schlag during the same July 13 meeting suggested that the board of selectmen “should take serious pause” about appointing Mr. Frey because of his alleged inappropriate “belittling” of members of the public during board meetings.

She said this about 11 minutes after belittling our country with her little stunt at the beginning of a board meeting.

We don’t know Mr. Frey or anything about him. But if Ms. Schlag is against him, he’s good enough for us.