Somerville Mayor Adds Absurdity To Insult and Self-Injury

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Somerville Mayor Joe Curtatone is welcome to refrain from drinking Sam Adams beer the rest of his life, as he has vowed to do because the Boston Beer Company chairman praised the Trump tax cuts last week.

But what’s with calling Jim Koch and other business leaders “complicit profiteers of Trump’s white nationalist agenda”?

Is cutting taxes “white nationalist”? Is celebrating a tax cut “white nationalist”? Is making profits “white nationalist”? Is providing jobs “white nationalist”?

This isn’t some ski-masked theorist at an Antifa demonstration. This is the mayor of a city of 75,000 people with deep roots in the Boston area. (In addition to the city’s current residents, many people in Massachusetts have personal ties to Somerville.)

Yet this is the kind of commentary we’re all getting used to from the Left – it’s no longer enough to disagree or criticize or organize or even boycott … now it’s necessary to defame and absurdify.

Curtatone appears to have sent the original tweet on his way to Honduras (to be followed by El Salvador) for his “fact-finding” mission to see how Central American deportees are living in their country of origin. He took time out from his journeys earlier today to respond to negative reactions to his personal boycott of Sam Adams.

Can’t tell if this tweet is a prediction or a directive:

… But either way, we’re pretty sure the mayor’s powers don’t go that far.