How To Read An Ivy League CYA Letter

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Editor’s Note:  An assistant professor at Brown University published a study this month in a peer-reviewed journal presenting evidence that rapid-onset gender dysphoria in teen-agers and young adults who didn’t show any symptoms of it in childhood may be tied to binge-watching transgender-oriented YouTube videos and engaging in transgender-oriented online friend groups.

The descriptions of how these young people came to identify with a gender other than the one that corresponds to their biological sex don’t jibe with what transgenderism experts have found in the past.

The study was published August 16. Brown University posted a news story about it on the school’s web site on August 22. On August 27 Brown took the story down from its web site.

What follows is a letter from a Brown dean explaining the dis-publishing of the news story about the study, with translations of words and phrases that may otherwise be unclear.


Letter to the School of Public Health Community — Tuesday, Aug. 28, 2018

Dear Members of the Public Health and Brown Community,

of any gender and no gender

As you may be aware, Brown late last week posted a news announcement regarding research on gender dysphoria published by a faculty member in the School of Public Health.

In other words, we did what we always do:  One of our professors publishes research, we push it.

In light of questions raised about research design and data collection related to the study on “rapid onset gender dysphoria,” the University determined that removing the article from news distribution is the most responsible course of action.

Some left-wingers threatened us, and we can already visualize the sit-ins.

The research had been published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE, which stated in a comment posted on the study August 27 that the journal “will seek further expert assessment on the study’s methodology and analyses.”

And their headquarters will be moving to an undisclosed location.

Independent of the University’s removal of the article because of concerns about research methodology,

The articles  conclusions about transgenderism seem spot-on, so we hope the methodology is flawed, or were in bigger trouble than we thought

the School of Public Health has heard from Brown community members

and Antifa

 expressing concerns that the conclusions of the study could be used to discredit efforts to support transgender youth and invalidate the perspectives of members of the transgender community.

Science is right when it supports left-wing social goals. When it doesnt, its wrong.

The University and School have always affirmed the importance of academic freedom

We would never put the offending assistant professor in jail

and the value of rigorous debate

as long as you agree with us

 informed by research.

unless the conclusions make us uncomfortable.

The merits of all research should be debated vigorously,

and if it seems right for the wrong reasons, jettisoned

because that is the process by which knowledge ultimately advances,

but if it stands still or goes backwards, no biggie

 often through tentative findings

the less left-wing, the more tentative

 that are often overridden or corrected


 in subsequent higher quality research.

whatever gets us through the semester, baby.


The spirit of free inquiry

Again, no jail time

 and scholarly debate


 is central to academic excellence.

this is Brown, after all

 At the same time, we believe firmly

Weve been informed by reliable sources that a sit-in could form at any minute

 that it is also incumbent on

you better do what we say, people

 public health researchers to listen to multiple perspectives and to recognize and articulate the limitations of their work.

if a member of a protected class says youre wrong, youre wrong

This process includes acknowledging and considering the perspectives of those who criticize our research methods

Again:  Youre wrong

and conclusions

in fact, why dont you run the conclusions by the protected class before you even begin the study?

and working to improve future research

no sit-ins

 to address these limitations

are you or are you not a member of the protected class?

 and better serve public health.

no sit-ins

There is an added obligation for vigilance

Were watching you

 in research design

again, check with those protected people

 and analysis

better safe than sorry

 any time there are implications for the health of the communities at the center of research and study.

Did you see what these people did at Berkeley and Middlebury?

The School’s commitment


 to studying


 and supporting

less than zero

 the health and well-being of sexual and gender minority populations is unwavering.

Unless they want us to waver

 Our faculty and students are on the cutting edge

More like the dull edge

 of research


 on transgender populations domestically and globally.

weve even memorized our they-their-thems

 The commitment


 of the School


 to diversity and inclusion

less than zero

 is central to our mission,

infinity zero

 and we pride ourselves on building a community that fully

fully of something

 recognizes and affirms the full



from A to B

 of gender and sexual identity in its members.

Unless they dont want us to.

 These commitments


 are an unshakable part

Im unshaking as I write this

 of our core values


 as a community.


In an effort to support robust




 and constructive dialogue

agree or be silent

 on gender identity in adolescents and youth,


 the School will be organizing a panel of experts

people who know what to say when theyre told to say it

 to present the latest research

book burnings

 in this area and to define directions

stay within the lines, people, the lines are your friends

 for future work to optimize health in transgender communities.

This study is so over.

 We believe that more and better research

or at least different conclusions

 is needed to help guide advances in the health of the LGBTQ community.

Hope I didnt forget any letters

We welcome input

Let me know if I forgot any letters, pronto

 from faculty, staff and students

but not this professor

 about the composition of this panel

whoever the protesters want

 and scope of the discussion.

A to B. A to B. A to B. A to B.


Dont fire me

Bess H. Marcus, Ph.D.
Dean, Brown University School of Public Health