$2.2 Million Up In Smoke;
Marijuana Haul in First Five Days

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Recreational marijuana customers spent $2.2 million at legal marijuana shops in Massachusetts during the first five days they were open for business, state officials said.

The businesses sold marijuana to 56,380 customers who bought an average of 3.4 marijuana products costing an average of $39.33 per customer between Tuesday, November 20 and Sunday, November 25, according to data released Tuesday by the Massachusetts Cannabis Control Commission.

The sales occurred at just two businesses, one in Northampton and one in Leicester, which are the only ones operating.

The state taxes marijuana at 10.75 percent for excise tax plus 6.25 percent sales tax, for a total of 17 percent. Each municipality can charge up to 3 percent in local sales tax.

The state’s tax haul on $2,217,621.13 figures to be $376,995.59.