Operation Change-the-Subject:
Seth Moulton Endorses ‘Green New Deal’

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Did you ever doubt that U.S. Representative Seth Moulton (D-Salem) would endorse the so-called “Green New Deal”?

Even if you don’t know what the Green New Deal is – did you ever think he might not be all for it?

Of course he is.

But why now? Why announce his support for it on Thursday, December 13? Why issue a Twitter statement, a Twitter video, and a press release with a transcript of the Twitter video?

(Including this non-reality-based statement:  “Solving the problems of today means little if we don’t have a world tomorrow.”)

Could it be because that’s the day after he caved and endorsed Nancy Pelosi for Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives?

This after he opposed Pelosi being the leader of House Democrats for more than two years.

The term-limits fig leaf he and his anti-Nancy allies wrangled out of Madam Minority Leader this week isn’t worth a “My friend” on the House floor.

Pelosi, for the record, is promising to remain as Speaker no longer than four years. That means she says she’s willing to retire two months before she turns 83.

That’s an easy position for Pelosi to take. It’s at least even money she won’t be Speaker more than two years – if Republicans take back the House in 2020. (That’s what happened in the 2010 election, in part because of her performance as Speaker.)

But what if the Democrats keep their majority beyond that? Is it “Farewell, Nancy”?

Not so fast.

Massachusetts House Speaker Robert DeLeo is also a term-limits veteran. In 2009, he pledged to serve no more than four terms as Speaker, and supported a House rule requiring it. He’s about to begin his sixth.

What happened? He “evolved,” and yes-Mr.-Speaker Democrats voted to change the House rule.

Imagine Nancy Pelosi’s plight in late 2022 if she’s somehow still Speaker and fellow Democrats in the U.S. House are “urging” her not to abandon them. Will she be able to resist the pressure and stick to her word to abide by the new term limit?

Here’s Nancy in December 2018:

“I feel very comfortable about what they are proposing, and I feel very, ah, ah, responsible to, to do that, whether it passes it or not.”

Translation:  No

But Seth figures it won’t be his problem. By then he’ll be making regular visits to Iowa in anticipation of 2024. Perhaps on Air Force One.

If the Green New Deal has been allowed to save the world, that is.