America’s Downward Spiral

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These are difficult times that should challenge us all, with our outlook, and hope, e’en our spirits subdued
From the ceaseless, relentless, unpleasant campaigning of spoiled adult children with behavior quite crude,
As if they are hostages captive to shock and sheer hatred, they make a sick toxic collection
Of obviously mis’rable self-loathing wretches who obsessively can’t get past Don Trump’s election.



Midst self-imposed mis’ry the Democrats strive
To do only one thing and that is to drive
Mr. Trump from The White House at no cost too great,
So they gorge one another on bottomless hate.

With vindiction, conspiracies, lies they do preach,
With the sole goal our President fin’lly impeach.
The Dems have shown lit’rally that they hate Trump
More than love for our country, they can’t make that jump.

It’s as if this obsession has left them brain dead,
Thus no policies, plans, only “NO-TRUMP” instead.
Most we now hear ‘bout their aims are the same,
At best superficial, unreal, and inane,

An embrace of ideas proven clearly to hurt
By slowly replacing our freedoms with dirt,
And that’s for both rich folks as well as the poor,
Impov’rishment equal for all, that’s for sure.



The harm to our nation from this trend is clear,
His’try has shown ‘twill mean mis’ry severe.
How, then, explain these ideas’ wide appeal
To so many, young and old, they do seem a good deal?

Sorry to say the main reasons are known;
Gross ign’rance from two sources stead’ly has grown.
Schooling is one, largely in higher ed,
The truths from the past, rarely taught, become dead.

Media’s the other, what’s reported reflects
Schooling’s fashions and failures plus other defects.
Daily barrages of negative news,
A one-note staccato of dark, vengeful views

Led by Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer they
Do exemplify, sadly, a neurotic play
Of two actors defeated, embittered with spite,
So consumed by their darkness they can’t see the light.

And their most vocal colleagues, some old and some young,
With mainly emotions spew nonsense like dung
From the trash heaps of his’try’s ideas that have failed,
Their harm and their worthlessness have been unveiled.

Yet Kamala touts Medicare for us all
While rejecting the need for a strong border wall.
And the new young Dem darling who’s called AOC,
She is so self-adoring past her self-love can’t see
While displaying an ign’rance of limitless scope
With no shame at defining herself as a dope.
Our slogan should be: “AOC, she’s for me,
‘Cause all that she says is so clearly crazee!”



(But The Situation Is Too Serious For Despair)

For many years we patriots have bemoaned the loss of common ground
Defined by love of liberty, thereby all citizens be bound,
And also by conviction deep that for us all the best solution
For a happy, worthwhile life is care for our dear Constitution.

This sacred duty’s exercise requires constant vigilance
So blessings unique here can be preserved strong by a border fence
Against those who would storm our land, just take them with no obligation,
Scorning common sense of process that requires invitation.

The drumbeat of relentless disrespect for laws, and rules, e’en reason
Numbs the instinct for compassion, warns of varied future treason,
By aliens and – – ‘tis sad to say – – our own fast-growing whining pool
Diseased, all, by belief that mere desire should create the rule
And thus the expectation that by law it should become a right
That, if denied, does justify a tantrum and a bitter fight.

The “D” in DNC should stand for raw outright degeneration,
Just like termites never sleeping slowly weak’ning our great nation.
The “N” in DNC should stand for constant negativity
Seen easily in word and deed, no intellectual honesty.
The “C” in DNC should signal moral, ethical corruption
From inex’rable blasphemy creating cultural disruption.

Recently we hear of Dems’ new low in gross degen’racy,
Their celebration of new laws assaulting rules of decency
Permitting killing third trimester embryos, no shame abide,
Or, more barbaric, birthing first and then commit infanticide.



But we all know what’s going on beneath the flag of socialism
Or, e’en worse, fascistic boots:  in common ground a wid’ning schism.
Though hard, ‘tis best to focus on those truths deserving veneration,
Underpinning virtues sound that wove the fabric of our nation
And define what’s civilized; and on our fight for decency
In God’s and human eyes to earn the blessings of our liberty.