Massachusetts Democrats Keep Calling for Impeaching Trump; Massachusetts GOP Chairman Says Mueller’s Testimony A ‘Disaster’ for Democrats

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Several Massachusetts Democrats are still calling for impeaching President Donald Trump in the wake of special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before Congress on Wednesday, but their public comments were muted when it came to Mueller.

Meanwhile, the Massachusetts Republican Party chairman proclaimed Mueller’s unforceful appearance a “disaster” for Democrats.

“These Democrats owe President Trump an apology, as today’s hearings were a disaster for them,” said Jim Lyons, chairman of the Massachusetts Republican Party, in a written statement Wednesday, July 24. “The collusion narrative has collapsed spectacularly, and these members of our Massachusetts Congressional delegation are refusing to admit it.”

Lyons also said he looks forward to the results of a U.S. Department of Justice investigation of the origin of the Mueller investigation, which defenders of the president say was hatched by Trump’s domestic enemies working with his foreign enemies, including former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

“The collusion narrative will boomerang back to the Democrats, who in fact worked with foreign operatives such as Christopher Steele,” Lyons said in the written statement. “I look forward to seeing how our all-Democratic Massachusetts Congressional delegation responds when those findings are released.”

Six of the nine members of the U.S. House of Representatives from Massachusetts voted last week to keep impeachment proceedings alive.

They are U.S. Representatives James McGovern (D-Worcester), Lori Trahan (D-Westford), Joseph Kennedy III (D-Brookline), Katherine Clark (D-Melrose), Seth Moulton (D-Salem), and Ayanna Pressley (D-Brookline).

The U.S. House voted 332-95 on Wednesday, July 17 to table impeachment proceedings against Trump. Democrats control the House. They voted 137-95 to table impeachment.

Below is a sample of Twitter statements Wednesday, July 24 — the day of Mueller’s testimony — from Massachusetts Democrats who last week voted to keep impeachment proeedings moving forward. None of the six used video clips from Mueller’s testimony in their tweets.

Clark, who a vice chairman of the House Democratic Caucus is a member of the House Democrats’ leadership, brought attention to Russian activities and Trump’s reactions about it, but didn’t say much about Mueller:

Clark took to rebutting Trump by arguing that Trump mischaracterized Mueller’s findings:

At one point around midday Clark published a tweet seeking to take attention away from Mueller’s testimony, even as it was still going on:

Here are Twitter reactions from other pro-impeachment Massachusetts Democrats:


Kennedy had little to say about Mueller’s testimony, focusing instead on his written report:

Pressley offered no comment on what Mueller said, instead getting right to the point: