Boston Trinity Academy’s Headmaster Frank Guerra To Receive Award from Harvard Club of Boston  

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On Tuesday, October 2, Frank Guerra, Headmaster of Boston Trinity Academy, will be honored by the Harvard Club of Boston with the Friends of Education Award.  According to the foundation, this award is given “to individuals who have made significant contributions towards the education of secondary students.”  Past recipients of this award include Mayor Tom Menino, Governor Charlie Baker, Reverend Dr. Ray Hammond, and William L. Burke, III, headmaster of St. Sebastian’s.

This year marks Mr. Guerra’s 10-year anniversary as Boston Trinity Academy’s headmaster. The school was founded in 2002 by a group of educators, clergy, and business leaders who saw the need for first-rate, Christian education in the city of Boston. The founders envisioned a Christian school on par with the best private schools in New England. But unlike other schools, Boston Trinity would reflect the rich diversity of the city of Boston and the world.

In 2002, Boston Trinity Academy began with only 54 students, grades 6-9, in a rented space in Temple Ohabei Shalom in Brookline. The school now has 230 students, grades 6-12, on its 4.5-acre Hyde Park campus.

It is currently the only non-denominational Christian secondary school in the city of Boston.  This year, the student body is 41% White, 26% Black, 16% Latino, 10% Asian, and 7% Multi-Racial/Other. named BTA as the most diverse private high school in Massachusetts.

The school achieves this diversity by giving $1.8 million in scholarships to 60% of the student body. Boston Trinity has a 100% college acceptance rate and an 86% college graduation rate, and its students consistently go to top colleges, such as Harvard, Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth, Wheaton (Illinois), and Gordon. Many of these students are the first people in their family to attend and graduate from college.  The school is breaking the bonds of racial and educational inequality and preparing students to succeed in college – -and beyond. 

During the school’s recent accreditation process, the New England Association of Schools and Colleges remarked, “In a relatively brief span of its institutional life, BostonTrinity has grown and continues to prosper … its hundreds of graduates give testimony to the value it has brought into the world.”

With all the school’s success, Mr. Guerra is quick to say, “This award reflects the hard work and dedication of all our teachers over our 17-year history.”

Kyran Wilson, a current BTA trustee and former director of admissions, has known Mr. Guerra  for almost 20 years, and she shared what she most admires about him. “He is passionate and enthusiastic,” said Mrs. Wilson, “and he has a wonderful balance of grace and discipline.”  Mrs. Wilson also remarked that Mr. Guerra’s contagious laugh and incredible warmth make anyone who comes to Boston Trinity — whether it is faculty, parents, students, or visitors — feel like they are old friends. “He truly loves the Lord and believes in the students,” said Mrs. Wilson.  “He pushes them to be the best students they can be, to help them to reach their full potential.” 

The Harvard Club awards ceremony will take place at the club’s annual breakfast in October.  In addition to the Friends of Education Award, the Harvard Club will present its annual Teacher Award to Lucy Fulco, the chairman of BTA’s math department.

Mrs. Falco teaches Advanced Placement Calculus AB and BC. Her students have had remarkable success on AP tests. In the past three years, 52 students have taken the Advanced Placement Calculus tests – 17 took the BC Calculus test, and 35 the AB Calculus test. Every student who took the AP Calculus BC test scored a 5 (the highest score possible), and 97% of the students taking the AP Calculus AB test scored a 4 or 5.

Mr. Guerra commented, “The students who are in Mrs. Fulco’s class succeed because she refuses to let them fail.” Ian Weston, a 2018 graduate of BTA, said of Mrs. Fulco, “She teaches the AP Calculus curriculum to a science.  Because of her course, each question on the AP was routine and expected.”

While Mrs. Fulco expects much of her students, she also spends time outside of class working with students, holds annual lunch-ins, and provides extra test days to help students realize that they can understand math.  “Many students are hesitant entering my class because they’ve had bad experiences. But they eventually realize that they can do it.  It’s a big accomplishment for all of us,” she said.

Mr. Weston, who is studying civil engineering at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, added, “She personally seeks the welfare of each student. Mrs. Fulco sufficiently prepared me to conquer any mathematical course that I have and will encounter.”

Frank Guerra and Lucy Fulco represent the passion and dedication found in BTA’s faculty and staff.  Working together, they strive to inspire students to lead lives of faith, integrity, and service to transform society.

Frank Guerra