Run, Deval, Run

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Here’s an idea of how far the Democratic Party’s political culture has fallen.


If Deval Patrick jumps into the presidential race this week, he will probably not have to answer questions from rivals about being the worst governor Massachusetts has ever had.


There likely won’t be questions about foster children going missing from state oversight on his watch and then ending up dead in the woods months later. No queries about snow crippling public transportation because the incompetent head of the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority he picked fit his social vision. Nothing about promising a property tax cut and then during eight long years in office never even trying to deliver.


Such facts, which would make for an opposition researcher’s delight in former years, won’t move the needle these days in what is definitely not your father’s Democratic Party.


Instead, the harshest criticism Patrick will likely face is that he … gasp … made money … gasp … from American … gasp … corporations.


And his most effective comeback will be that he actually wasn’t in the business of furthering any corporation’s hopes and dreams, but just temporarily lining his own pockets in between episodes in his lifelong quest to further the kind of left-wing social agenda that would make Elizabeth Warren nod her head grimly.


As they say, honesty is the best policy.