Irrational Trump Haters to the Rest of Us:  We Think, You Don’t

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“We’ve seen the Republicans stuck where they are. Their illusions about Trump remain. … We don’t somehow understand, we don’t understand why the, the evidence of things, why facts don’t penetrate our brothers and sisters in the United States of America. And this is a source of great frustration for the press. And for anybody who’s thinking about these issues that are so important.”

— David Remnick, editor of The New Yorker, during appearance on CNN’s Reliable Sources on Sunday, December 22, 2019


The great lie that many left-of-center secularists tell themselves is that they are the only people in America who think.

That conceit is the only way you could come to the conclusion that Donald Trump supporters have no facts to base their decisions on.

Consider David Remnick, editor of the delusional New Yorker magazine, which spent much of the first two years of the Trump presidency predicting its imminent end. During an appearance on CNN this past weekend he claimed that “the future of democracy” and “the future of the earth” are at stake if Trump continues as president.

He offered no facts, and indeed could offer no facts, since no facts present themselves to be contorted to fit his statements.

But aside from the wrongness of his comments, pay attention to his tone. It says:  I’m smart. Those people are stupid.

Those people, by the way, include people who appreciate a vastly improved economy; people who want the country’s borders respected; people who don’t want freedom and growth destroyed over implausible sky-is-falling predictions about carbon emissions; people who want something done about China’s stealing of intellectual property; people who want judges interpreting laws enacted in democratic fashion and not imposing narrow social views by fiat; people who want to keep their religious freedom; people who want children conceived but not yet born to continue to live.

Not everyone who supports Trump agrees with all of those policy goals. But Trump supporters tend to agree with enough of them to see Trump not only as their president but as their guy.

If you value such principles – and that’s what we’re really talking about here:  values and principles – then why wouldn’t you support Donald Trump?

It’s not so hard to understand when put that way. Yet somehow it eludes a thinker like David Remnick.

Or does it? Perhaps he just dismisses such principles as beneath consideration, let alone rebuttal.

Anti-Trump commentators like Remnick frequently say we should be repulsed by Trump’s tone and insults … as they routinely insult those who disagree with them on important matters facing the country.

The arrogance of anti-Trump elitists makes it clearer to such people who’s on their side, and who isn’t.