Excerpts From Worcester Pastor Kris Casey’s Sermon During Second More-Than-10 Church Service

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Editor’s Note:  Pastor Kris Casey preached about the story of David and Goliath in 1 Samuel 17 during a public service Sunday, May 3, 2020 at Adams Square Baptist Church in Worcester, Massachusetts.

The service drew several dozen people, well more than the limit of 10 in Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker’s executive order of March 23.

Below are excerpts from Pastor Casey’s sermon. The service was carried live on the church’s YouTube channel.



Let us open with a word of prayer. Our heavenly Father, we thank you for the rights that you have given to us here in this amazing land, where we can sing and worship and praise you and give you the honor, the praise, and the glory.

Lord, thank you for this Bible, this Bible that is our guide, our helper. Thank you for the truth, that has withstood years of persecution in this Word. Thank you for the men and the women who died to preserve this Bible.

Lord, thank you that here in America we have the freedom to possess a Bible. And Lord, we don’t take that lightly. We know there’s many other countries around the world where they cannot assemble together as a group of believers – they would be persecuted. In fact, when churches are built they’re torn down, and people are killed and murdered for the cause of Jesus Christ.

And Lord, we thank you, that you are the one who is going to sustain us and guide us and bless us. Lord, let everything that would be said and done here today be for your honor, for your glory, and that you would be magnified. And that all people would come to know you, the Lord Jesus, as their personal savior.


Don’t be afraid of the shield. Don’t be afraid of the armor. Don’t be afraid of the Goliath.



We have an opportunity to say either I’m going to bow down, and I’m going to listen to what other people tell me to do, I’m going to listen to the ‘authority’ and tell me what to do – or I’m going to listen to the authority, as He tells me what to do.


It’s a choice that you took this morning when you got up and you came to church not knowing what was going to happen.

It’s a choice that you make. Why? Because you don’t serve the people down here. You serve a risen savior. You serve a risen savior. And there’s no need to fear. There’s no need to worry, what man can do unto you. Why? They did it to our savior first.


We’re in the right spot. We’re in the right place. Why? Not because Pastor Casey says so. Can you please do me a favor? Forget my name. And if the only name that you remember ever for the rest of your life is Jesus Christ, remember his name. I’m nobody. I’m just a shepherd boy, leading the sheep.


When the authority, when the ruler of the land hardens his heart there’s going to be pestilence. There’s going to be judgment. There’s going to be catastrophic judgment. Why? Because God’s people need to worship God in spirit and truth the way God designed it. Not the way a government designed it, not the way a ruler designed it, not the way a pharaoh designed it, but the way God designed it.


Listen, I was brought into this political fight. It’s not something I wanted to be drawn into. But, when they mentioned my name in the city council, and they mentioned my name in the meeting, I did what the Lord told me to do and I held my peace. Why? It’s not my job to go into politics. It’s my job to proclaim the word of God. And if you want a message, come to church – you’ll get a message.


The Bible says that God will not let his church be infringed upon by the gates of hell. And I’m here to tell you I know there’s thousands of men and woman all across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts who are standing up today and saying, “I will not let happen what is happening because that’s my God.”



Listen, what America needs is a not a “Make America Great Again.” What America needs is not to make America political again. It doesn’t need to be a financial mega-house again. What America needs is another revival. What America needs is men and women, boys and girls coming to the name of Jesus Christ.


The way you fight your battle, is not by counterpunching. The way you fight your battle is on your knees and your face praying.



I follow the Lord Jesus Christ. I will not back down. Why? Because I’ve got the final authority. You’ve got the final authority. You’ve got the Bible. You’ve got the ability to stand strong and prove yourself. Prove yourself for the glory of God. Prove yourself because the generations of people following you are depending on you.



To paraphrase what Ronald Reagan said, if we don’t stand now and fight for our freedoms and fight for our religion and fight for our God and fight for the freedoms that we have that our Founding Fathers gave us, when we’re in the sunset years of our lives we will be sitting with our grandchildren wishing we still lived in the day that they lived in – wishing that we had an opportunity to praise and worship God freely, but now we saw all of those rights stripped away and taken away. We’ve got to stand strong and tall and united for Jesus Christ.


But I want you to know that in all of this, there’s a really good chance that any foe you face, doesn’t know Christ as their savior. And we ought not be flippant and arrogant and bombastic in our faith. We ought to be humble and kind and nice and genuine. Because the people that are lying, or are being mean and cruel, they don’t know Jesus. And you do. And you might be the only testimony they ever see in their entire life.



God wants to send revival to this land. If he didn’t he would have taken Christians home already. There’s still a chance.


The tide is turning, folks. The tide is turning in America. The landscape is turning. People are getting fed up with the soft preaching and the teaching, and they want the hard truth. They want the Gospel.


You know what I want my community to know?  There is a God, and his name is Jesus.


So when you come here today, what really matters is not that you defied the order of the governor. What matters is that you came to serve your resurrected savior.


You know what God has done to America? God has removed sports from the scene. God has allowed businesses to shrink down. God has allowed the financial outlook in America, where it was so great several months ago, to be diminished greatly. In that time, he has humbled the landscape of America. If we are going to see a great revival, we cannot leave these doors today haughty and proud. But we must leave them humbled and full of zeal for Jesus Christ.