Massachusetts’s Fourth District Just Picked A Globalist To Succeed Kennedy

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The globalist or the pro-abortion zealot?

Democrats in Massachusetts’s Fourth Congressional District went with the globalist.

There was no good choice among the seven Democrats running in the primary to replace U.S. Representative Joseph P. Kennedy III, who gave up his seat so he could lose a U.S. Senate primary to Ed Markey. However, a narrow plurality of voters went with Newton city councilor Jake Auchincloss, a 32-year-old former U.S. Marine. He narrowly defeated Jesse Mermell, a former Brookline selectman and Planned Parenthood employee, as The Associated Press confirmed on Friday morning. The New York Times reports that he got 22.4 percent to Mermell’s 21.1 percent.

A Republican has not won a U.S. House seat in Massachusetts since 1994, so it’s likely not a matter of if he will win the general election, but how much he will win by. 

That should be of grave concern to patriotic citizens of the Commonwealth who want to put America first.

Before the election, Auchincloss laid out his foreign policy agenda, which makes clear he is not going to put our interests first; that priority goes to other countries across the world.

Auchincloss’s national security doctrine says that “China’s economic growth should not pose a strategic threat to the United States.” He calls President Donald Trump’s trade war with China unnecessary and says that it hurts the country’s relationship with China. He regurgitates the neoliberal talking point about how China makes cheap stuff.

Maybe he took Economics 101 in college and thinks so-called free trade is nice in theory, but he ignores how China is using such wealth to build up its military and destroy other countries’ domestic steel production (vital for national security). Plus there’s rampant intellectual property theft, human and labor rights abuses, and contributions to the opioid epidemic and coronavirus pandemic. Also, he doesn’t seem to understand that you can’t have free trade if one side refuses to let your country sell consumer goods, creating domestic manufacturing in the states. And when countries like China look the other way as their manufacturers pump dangerous counterfeit goods into this country, it costs Americans 750,000 jobs.

Not to mention he writes, “National security concerns have been a scapegoat for hindering free trades.” Maybe he knows something every other country in the world doesn’t — because unfettered free trade doesn’t exist.

On war and peace, the ex-Marine has positioned himself to be a great ally to the military-industrial complex. He says that the United States can’t withdraw troops from Afghanistan until the Taliban finish negotiations with the Afghani government — “a process that could take months or years,” according to his doctrine. Not very encouraging. He also wants U.S. troops to provide support for the Kurds in North Syria; that’s a war that’s been going on since 2011 and shows no signs of stopping. Not to mention, regime change didn’t go so well in Iraq or Libya earlier this century. Assad is a war criminal, but whatever comes after him could be worse.

And when it comes to Israel, he writes, “In Congress, I will work tirelessly to protect and defend the interests of the United States and Israel.” Auchincloss supports giving $3.8 billion dollars a year to Israel, a country with universal health care, taxpayer-funded abortions, heavily subsidized college, and paid maternity leave. What’s troubling here is that while the United States and Israel do have some shared common interests, American politicians ought to protect America’s interests. Israel has its own government to look out for its interests.

Auchincloss is no better on immigration. As a city councilor in Newton, he helped push an ordinance to make it a “Welcoming City,” or what we would call a sanctuary city — a haven for illegal immigrants.

He compared immigration restrictions and zoning restrictions in 2017.

“Barriers to entry favor incumbents over outsiders,” he wrote for Commonwealth Magazine. “It’s why industries, paradoxically, often want to be regulated – the cobweb of regulations keeps outsiders out. Immigration restrictions prevent workers from having to compete against new entrants to their industries’ labor forces.”

That passage makes it seem like he understands that mass immigration puts downward pressure on the wages of low-skill workers — and that he just doesn’t care. Maybe he’ll pull a Joe Kennedy III and acknowledge that it’s bad for the environment as well. It would be nice if he did something about it, though.

And to top it off, Auchincloss is a social liberal who wants to make the proposed Roe Act bill the law of the land. Back in July, he said that New Boston Post was trying to “smear” him for writing that he supported the Roe Act bill in a piece that included perspectives from pro-life groups like the Massachusetts Family Institute and Massachusetts Citizens for Life. Seems kind of thin-skinned that he was so unhappy that some people don’t want to kill babies. Definitely doesn’t seem like a centrist thing to do, regardless of how the left-leaning Boston Globe falsely labels him.

Some progressives don’t seem to like that Auchincloss isn’t a professed socialist; they have that right. However, maybe that’s the least of his problems. Auchincloss has called himself an “Obama-Baker supporter,” referring to former President Barack Obama and Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker. That means he supports someone who shut down churches and gun shops yet kept abortion clinics and liquor stores open during the coronavirus pandemic, and a president who made health care premiums more than double.

Sounds like he’ll fit right in with the Massachusetts Congressional delegation. Welcome aboard.