A Republican Message for Martin Luther King Day

Printed from: https://newbostonpost.com/2021/01/18/a-republican-message-for-martin-luther-king-day/

Martin Luther King believed that All Lives Matter.

Yet today far too many of our schools and universities have turned away from the brotherly love and unity that he preached in favor of the violent, Marxist, Black Lives Matter and its latest guru, Ibram Kendi.

King would have been appalled at the violence and destruction wrought by BLM over the summer in such places as Minneapolis, Portland, Kenosha, Seattle, and New York.

He would have scoffed at the callous indifference of liberals and the media towards the anarchy of BLM, and its partner in crime, Antifa.

As a firm believer in the virtue of the American people, he would have dismissed the cynical depiction of our nation as racist by Boston University professor Ibram Kendi and his leftist devotees.

He would have been aghast at demagogues who would blanket all whites as inherently racist. And equally disenchanted that a whole generation of leftist teachers would spew such divisive rhetoric to their students.

King would have been stunned that his wish for all people “to be judged not by the color of their skin but by the content of their character” has been replaced by charlatans who judge everyone by the color of their skin.

He would have been mortified that the Black Lives Matter movement is led by avowed Marxists whose goal is the elimination of the nuclear family.

He would have been astonished that after having elected a black man to the presidency, not once, but twice, many still accuse America of “systematic racism.”

He would have been stunned that an Ibram Kendi could label a U.S. Supreme Court justice as racist for adopting two impoverished black children.

He would have been amazed at the incredible progress in race relations in his beloved America, while incredulous that liberal black leaders still see racism everywhere. Martin Luther King believed in his American nation, his American people.

He would have been pleased with the picture of his beloved country a half century later, but saddened that instead of adhering to his Dream, too many are led astray by Black Lives Matter and Ibram Kendi, much as they were in his day by the Black Panthers and Malcolm X.

If only our schools and universities would reject the radical left‘s divisive agenda, and once again teach Martin Luther King’s eternal message of unity, optimism, equality, and faith in the fundamental decency of the American people.