Critical Race Theory Is On the Ballot in Milton School Committee Race Tomorrow

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Critical Race Theory is the dividing line among candidates for school committee in the South Shore town of Milton this week.

There are two open seats on the school committee, which under state law sets policy for the town’s public schools. (The committee also hires and fires the superintendent and special education director.) The election is Tuesday, April 27.

There are four candidates for the two seats:  Beverly Ross Denny, Elizabeth M. Caroll, Susannah Hegarty, and Kristin Kociol. Two of these candidates, Denny and Carroll, are co-running on a platform to bring greater equity to the school district.

“Equity” in this case doesn’t mean “the quality of being fair and impartial.” Voters should make no mistake about what these two individuals are pushing:  Critical Race Theory. It is a radical ideology that objectifies people based on race and focuses on race as a key to understanding society.

The Milton School Committee has been failing Milton students and the Milton taxpayers for years. So, what is the latest answer of school committee members to solving the problems of the school district? The school committee decided to hire an outside firm, Cambridge Education, to undertake an “Equity Audit” of the district.

Cambridge Education also pushes Critical Race Theory and (as noted in Tom Joyce’s NewBostonPost news story) has already initiated a 91-question survey of all middle school and high school students in Milton public schools that probed students’ feelings about race, racism, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Many parents were outraged at this line of questioning to students as young as 11, particularly since they were not informed beforehand that their students would receive said survey, administered by an outside party.

According to its printed pitch to the Milton School Committee, Cambridge Education says it is committed to “transforming the district into an exemplar antiracist, excellence-with-equity district,” and plans to do so by drawing “from antiracist research from around the world as well as Critical Race Theory (CRT) tenets.”

In the same 136-page document, Cambridge Education also declared that Milton Public Schools should institute The Calculus Project. Like many catchphrases and project titles used in Critical Race Theory, this sounds innocuous on the surface – who could be against learning calculus?

But how is it accomplished? Schools that embrace The Calculus Project, according to Cambridge Education’s web site, “intentionally group students of color and low-income students in the same class.” Why? Because doing so “creates a more comfortable and productive academic environment for these students.”

Does this approach remind you of any other historical educational approaches? Like, say, segregation?

Critical Race Theory perpetuates racism by encouraging segregation, and a hatred for America. These proposed changes are just the latest of many to prompt concern from many parents in Milton, which has seen in-fighting over unchecked spending and controversial ideas pertaining to equity and race.

As evidenced by activities over the past couple of years, the Milton school administration is determined to re-racialize our schools and shove Critical Race Theory down the throats of Milton students.

Milton voters have an alternative at the polls, and they should think long and hard about the future of our students, and of our historically significant community, where the freedom-demanding Suffolk Resolves were adopted in 1774, which helped lead to the independence of America.


Kerry White is a Financial Services Executive who has spent her career in Asset Management and Asset Servicing in firms in the United States and Europe.  She is a recognized thought leader and frequent speaker on the topics of sustainability of pensions, corporate governance, transparency, risk management, and cross-border investments. She has served on a variety of boards in the town of Milton, Massachusetts, and is currently the chairman of the Milton Republican Town Committee.


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