Six Articles NewBostonPost Readers Enjoyed In 2022

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Massachusetts had some noteworthy political occurrences in 2022.

It elected Maura Healey as its governor. Its voters backed an initiative 52 percent to 48 percent to create a 9 percent state income tax on income exceeding $1 million per year. And liberal Republican state representative Lenny Mirra of Georgetown lost his re-election bid by one vote to Kristin Kassner (D-Ipswich) in the Second Essex District.

While all of that news was well-documented by the mainstream media (and we don’t find Lenny Mirra particularly interesting), NewBostonPost covered plenty of other news that the mainstream media ignored in 2022 and grew its readership as a result. 

That said, here is a look at some of the most popular content from NewBostonPost in 2022, in no particular order.


1.  Combining Honors and Non-Honors Courses Will Promote Inclusion and Equity, Arlington School Officials Say

Education has been a fruitful topic for NewBostonPost in 2022, including when the Arlington Public Schools approved a plan to allow for heterogeneous grouping in public schools.

Proponents in the district support combining honors and non-honors classes — a form of grade point average inflation that makes it look like students took honors classes while performing non-honors level classwork.

While the mainstream media ignored the story, NewBostonPost covered it. Now that information is readily available to any parents in Arlington when considering where they will send their children to school — and gives fodder for questions for public school officials elsewhere. 


2.  Westford Public Schools Recommends Eight-Year-Olds Read Book Teaching Them They Can Change Genders

NewBostonPost has made scores of public records requests to keep readers informed about what’s going on in their children’s schools. 

It provides the public with greater insight into what government-run entities are doing and what they are telling children.

In one instance, NewBostonPost found that Westford Public Schools recommends the book Sex Is a Funny Word: A Book about Bodies, Feelings and YOU by Cory Silverberg,

We could fill this list with articles about schools and libraries because it’s among the most well-read content we cover. The Westford case is a good example.

In Florida, a school cannot legally recommend this type of book to third graders thanks to Governor Ron DeSantis and his Parental Rights in Education bill. In Massachusetts, this kind of reading fare is common.

So while liberal news outlets like this one and that one will pretend these books are normal and that the problem is anyone who doesn’t want their tax dollars propping them up, we publish excerpts of the books and let you draw your own conclusions. 


3.  Six Reasons Why Massachusetts Should Legalize Fireworks

When it comes to fireworks, Massachusetts is an outlier.

It is the only state where all consumer fireworks are illegal. It feels like this should be a bigger story in the mainstream media, but for some reason, it’s not.

However, NewBostonPost has repeatedly covered this topic and this year laid out the case in list form.

It also caught the attention of WBZ radio’s Nightside host Dan Rea, who had a NewBostonPost reporter on the show to discuss the topic.

And it sparked a fruitful discussion. Even those who called in to oppose firework legalization conceded that they had no problem with certain smaller fireworks being legalized. 


4.  Pembroke Public Library Men’s Bathroom Stocked With Tampons

When public officials lose their minds, someone should say it.

A couple of weeks ago a few people informed a NewBostonPost reporter that the Pembroke Public Library men’s bathroom is stocked with tampons.

If you follow gender ideology to its logical conclusion, this is where you end up. Supposedly men can get pregnant and have periods, while the “women” who win high school girls’ track state championships and NCAA Division 1 women’s swimming championships are actually males.


5.  Sixth-Grader Is Starting Goalie For Medford/Malden Varsity Girls’ Hockey Team This Season

NewBostonPost doesn’t cover sports all that often, but when it does, the content gets a lot of readers.

An article about 12-year-old Erin Alves starting in net for the Medford/Malen high girls’ ice hockey team followed this trend.

What Alves did in the 2021-2022 school year as a sixth-grader and is following up again this season as a seventh-grader in the 2022-2023 school year is a remarkable feat. She’s competing against high school kids, some of whom are 18 years old. 


6.  Raytheon CEO Says His Company Will Benefit From Russia-Ukraine Conflict

A chief executive officer of a prominent defense contractor based in Massachusetts publicly stated to his shareholders a month before Russia’s prolonged war in Ukraine began that the war would be good for business.

Alternative media was all over it, while the mainstream media largely ignored it.

Regardless of where one stands on foreign policy, it was a notable admission:  more war means more business. 

It seems like the kind of quote the public should know, so we covered it. Sadly, others in the Bay State did not.


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