Sixth-Grader Goes One-for-Three In Gender-Ideology T-Shirts In Middleborough Middle School

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A sixth-grader barred from wearing a T-shirt saying “There are only two genders” at a public middle school in Middleborough in March was forced Friday to remove the same T-shirt when it was altered to say “There are CENSORED genders.”

But a third politically charged T-shirt passed muster with school officials.

Morrison spoke with NewBostonPost on Friday afternoon, hours after his latest run-in with school officials.

“I wanted to protest my rights,” Morrison told NewBostonPost by telephone. “I wanted to be able to voice my opinion about this.”

But school officials held the line against making reference to genders.

As Morrison was preparing for class just prior to 8 a.m. on Friday, May 5, a teacher “came in and motioned for me to follow him into the principal’s office,” Morrison said.

“By that point, I already knew what they wanted me to do, so I already had my shirt resting on the chair,” Morrison said.

The teachers told Morrison he had correctly understood what they wanted of him and asked if they could trust him not to put the T-shirt on again later in the day. After that, Morrison said his day continued as usual.

Morrison’s second T-shirt of the day read “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.” Morrison says he was allowed to wear that T-shirt.

On March 21, Morrison went to school wearing a T-shirt saying “There are only two genders.” At one point, school officials made him remove it.

In April, Morrison let school officials know that he again planned to wear the T-shirt saying “There are only two genders” on Friday, May 5. Instead, on Thursday, May 4, the day before, school officials said no to that T-shirt, through a letter sent by a lawyer representing the school district to the Massachusetts Family Institute, which is representing Morrison.


Morrison’s second shirt that says, “My rights don’t end where your feelings begin.”  Courtesy photo.


NewBostonPost first reported this story on Friday, April 28.


Liam Morrison wearing a T-Shirt that says “There are CENSORED genders,” in protest in front of Nichols Middle School, where he goes.  Courtesy photo.


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