Hey Michelle Wu, Boston Needs Unity, Not Racial Division

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What does the term “electeds of color” mean?

It means elected officials in Boston who aren’t white — and imagine that they therefore have some sort of built-in enmity with those who are.

If the term “racist” had any meaning left, it might be useful here. But instead, leftists have looted the word, robbing it of its value and leaving just dross behind.

So let’s call it “race-conscious” — to an absurd and disturbing degree.

Earlier this week, Denise DosSantos, who serves as Boston Mayor Michelle Wu’s director of city council relations, accidentally invited all 13 Boston city councilors to a so-called “holiday party” that was only meant for “electeds of color.” 

About 15 minutes after DosSantos sent the initial message, she emailed the city councilors, apologizing for the error. She informed them that she only meant to invite the seven non-white city councilors, not the six white ones.

So this is where we’re at in the city of Boston.

The city has a mayor who thinks it’s O.K. to exclude people from events based on their race.

Now, this isn’t a Christmas party for Italians, or for Poles, or for Chinese, or for African-Americans, where members of the same ethnic group might get together and celebrate ethnic traditions.

This is a gathering of grievances, based on skin color and nothing else.

Among the supposed “electeds of color,” the Boston City Council has members who are Haitian, Dominican (two), Mexican, Jamaican/Barbadan, Puerto Rican, and Cape Verdean. The mayor’s parents are from Taiwan.

In other words, little in the way of ethnic ties.

The only tie is imagined oppression from a supposed white power structure that is both monochromatic and monolithic — and a figment of Michelle Wu’s imagination.

Sadly, racial discrimination is a goal for Mayor Wu, as long as it has the right ideological hue.

She blasted the U.S. Supreme Court after it determined in its Students for Fair Admissions v. Harvard case that federally funded colleges’ using racial preference in their admissions processes is unconstitutional.

“Today, the ultra conservative majority on the US Supreme Court overturned decades of settled law in an effort to undermine our country’s unfinished work to build a more racially equitable society,” Wu posted on the social media platform still widely known as Twitter on June 29, 2023. “As the nation’s academic capital, Boston welcomes hundreds of thousands of students to our city each year — to learn, explore & grow into the leaders our world needs. We fully reject this court’s worldview & recommit to the vital work of building a more just & equitable society for all our communities.”

In other words, Wu was outraged when the Supreme Court ruled against racial discrimination.

What is the “worldview” Wu rejects?


Being judged, as Martin Luther King Jr. said in August 1963, not by the color of your skin but by the content of your character.

So it is sad, but not surprising, that she would think it is acceptable to invite people to a party based on what race they aren’t.

Now, in America, you can have any sort of party you want. Invite whoever you want. Don’t invite whoever you don’t want.

But when you’re a public official and you create a semi-public event and you exclude people not on the basis of political party or interests or ideas or where they live, but on skin color, you’re sending a message.

On November 16, Mayor Wu appeared at an event in San Francisco, during which she described her campaign for mayor in 2021.

Wu said:  “We chose to try to present the most hopeful, beautiful version of Boston, because that’s the city that I see.”

Hopeful. Beautiful.

And seen through race-colored glasses.


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