Top Five Ridiculous Comments From Massachusetts Politicians in 2023

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One benefit of living in Massachusetts is that many of the state’s politicians also function as comedians. Whether they know it or not.

2023 was no exception to this rule, and NewBostonPost was here for it all. Let’s roll the tape.


5.  “I’m dreaming of a green Christmas.”

The junior U.S. senator from Massachusetts, Ed Markey, never likes to get far from the talking points. After all, at almost 50 years of public service (and not being the brightest bulb to begin with), it may be difficult to remember anything else. Maybe that’s why Markey, in his Christmas post to the site formerly known as Twitter, threw in a climate change reference. 

“May we build a just and livable future for all and may all our christmases [sic] be green,” Markey said on Monday, December 25.

That on top of the Merry Christmas “to all those celebrating” nonsense.

Perhaps next year Markey can leave out the banal talking point — that or find the caps lock button on his keyboard.

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4.  Don’t Hate On Me Hating On You

One cause conservatives made considerable progress on in 2023 was the campaign against “wokeness,” the leftist attempt to divide and classify Americans into group identities and then make them fight for the sake of votes. In August, Elizabeth Warren seemed to catch on that the topic is a losing issue and tried to retake some ground.

“I think that what the right-wing is trying to do with this term is to see how much division and dissension and just plain old hatefulness they can stir up,” she said.

Ah, yes. It’s those nasty right-wingers who employ the term to criticize the left’s attempt at social control through division who are … guilty of division. 

Leave it to ‘Liz Warren to keep a story straight.

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3.  Cancel Student Debt … Specifically, My Student Debt

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets most of the attention of “The Squad” members, with Massachusetts’s Ayanna Pressley being a close second. But when it comes to absurd comments, Pressley might just take the cake. In the fall, Pressley emphasized student debt cancellation as essential to fight racism.

“Student debt cancellation is essential and it is a racial justice imperative,” she said. “Black folks — especially Black women — are among the most impacted by the student debt crisis, so we must be intentional in centering their voices and experiences in our policy response.”

Reading Pressley’s comments, it’s amusing to watch the group she focuses on grow closer and closer … to herself. As it so happens, Pressley defaulted on her loans in 2021 before eventually paying them off.

But if a court finds student debt cancellation illegal, it’s “corrupt,” and if you find the policy immoral and impracticable, you are an “extreme Republican” — at least, according to Pressley.

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2.  We Will Achieve Fairness. Through Unfairness.

Whatever you think of Charlie Baker (and we were no fans), Maura Healey is a woke man’s dream … and a sane man’s nightmare. Among the many policy positions Healey’s administration has adopted in its first year is … considering pardons on the basis of race and gender.

“Clemency is an important executive tool that can be used to soften the harsher edges of our criminal justice system,” Healey said in a written statement in October. “I am proud to release these new clemency guidelines that will center fairness and equity by taking into consideration the unique circumstances of each individual petitioner and the role of systemic biases.”

What circumstances?

“The petitioner’s age at the time of the offense, health, post-offense behavior, race, ethnicity, gender, and sexual identity, as well as whether they are a survivor of sexual assault, domestic violence, or human trafficking.”

Surprise, surprise.

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1.  Fugitive Slave Law

People seeking abortion and “gender-affirming care” in Massachusetts from other states are like slaves fleeing from slave states at the time of the Civil War. That is, according to one Amherst town councilor.

“I find similarity here with the Fugitive Slave Law,” councilor Dorothy Pam said earlier this year in reference to states considering making it illegal to leave the state to get an abortion or take a minor to receive “gender-affirming care.”

“Massachusetts was known for trying to fight against that, and this is the language of these new laws,” which “are coming from the same place,” she said. “They both relate to human bondage.”

That may seem like a stretch. But Pam didn’t stop there.

“I can imagine there might be some staged events where they’re trying to snatch people,” Pam said, referring to state officials in states that have banned these procedures. “They like to do some demonstrations.”

Surprisingly, Pam ignored a NewBostonPost request to clarify what she meant by “staged events” and “trying to snatch people.” Of course, if you literally interpret Pam’s comments, you reach insane conclusions.

And maybe, just maybe, from where Pam is coming from, the right conclusions. 

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