Top Five Massachusetts Pro-Life Stories of 2023

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Massachusetts is a pro-abortion state. There’s no doubting that. But that doesn’t mean pro-lifers can’t create some momentum. 

Here are the top five Massachusetts pro-life stories of 2023.


5.  Crisis Pregnancy Center Bans Fail Everywhere

There were many attempts to target crisis pregnancy centers in Massachusetts in 2023. Not many went through, and none went through in places where crisis pregnancy centers actually call home. (Cambridge passed an ordinance, but there are no crisis pregnancy centers in Cambridge).

Easthampton considered an ordinance, and after a veto by the mayor, it failed.

Worcester officials discussed it at one point this year. But after it was revealed that even the state attorney general’s office thought the municipalities that enacted anti-crisis-pregnancy-center measures would lose in court, the idea was dropped.

Even the Massachusetts Legislature had a bill going after the centers, but it never advanced during 2023.

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4.  Pro-Life Mayor Wins Re-Election

Massachusetts doesn’t have many pro-life politicians. The mayor of Quincy, Thomas Koch, however, is an exception.

Koch, who hosted a pro-life event in Quincy in June2021, has been Quincy’s mayor since 2008. In 2023 he was challenged in the city election by a pro-abortion supporter, who criticized him for his pro-life stand. In the end, Koch pulled it out in a ten-point victory.

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3.  Pro-Life Testimony Outnumbers Anti-Crisis Pregnancy Center Testimony 23-0

As stated above, the Massachusetts legislature is considering a bill regulating crisis pregnancy centers. The legislature’s Joint Committee on Consumer Protection and Professional Licensure held a hearing on the bill in July 2023.

Twenty-three pro-lifers showed up to testify on behalf of the centers.

How many anti-crisis pregnancy center people testified? It’s a round figure.

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2.  Flying the Pro-Life Flag

In a state like Massachusetts, you have to take the small pro-life victories.

In September 2023, the board of selectmen in Billerica, a town that voted for Joe Biden by ten points, voted to allow the town’s public library to fly a pro-life flag to be flown for two weeks in October.

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1.  National Men’s Pro-Life March

Public testimony for the pro-life cause is essential for showing people the truth about abortion.

In November 2023, the National Men’s March To Abolish Abortion and Rally for Personhood took place in Boston,

“There is a man connected to every abortion. Men are a big part of the problem. It’s time for men to become a big part of the solution and for all people of good will to stand up for the full federal protection of the preborn without exception,” organizers said in their description of the event.

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