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A “Most Excellent Moose” – A Moose Ambassador – Has Died In Maine

February 15, 2019

George the Moose has died, having lived his life, almost all of it in captivity, as a “most excellent moose.” He was nearly 15.

Having been rescued as a calf with his twin sister after their mother likely died in the wild, George was brought to Maine Wildlife Park in Gray, ME, in 2004, the Portland Press Herald (PPH) reports.

According to the PPH, the wildlife park said in a Facebook post noting George’s death that he had been “seen by over 1.6 million visitors from around the world.” The Facebook post also says George shared the Grey facility with 7 other moose before he died.

Having arrived to the park in “questionable health” as a calf, George “went on to live to be the oldest moose ever to reside at the park,” the Maine Wildlife Park Facebook post said.

The park also noted that he had lived longer in captivity than expected.

“His longevity rivaled some of the oldest captive moose around the globe!” the park exclaimed

“George was a most excellent moose and we remember him for his service as one of our popular moose ambassadors,” the Maine Wildlife Park Facebook post read.

The Facebook notice of George’s death has drawn hundreds of comments and over 650 shares.




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