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Another School Organization Nixes Father-Daughter Dance Because It’s Not Inclusive

The Parent Teacher Association in Hampton, New Hampshire retitled the annual father-daughter dance the “Family Dance” and invited everyone to join — which has some fathers peeved.

“It’s the first time a girl is being taken on a date, and it’s by the most respectful, loving man they’ve ever met — their father,” Aaron Duvall told “That’s how we’re supposed to translate to them what to look for in a man. How a man treats a girl.”

The PTA also ditched an annual mother-son event, replacing it with an activity more welcoming to girls, according to

One mother said that’s the right way to go.

“Separating any sort of event by gender, especially with kids, is out-dated,” Jodie Bray Strickland told “To say that boys can’t go to a dance because it’s special for daughters and fathers is just kind of silly.”



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