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Arlington To Hire New ‘Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion’ Coordinator

July 5, 2019

Town officials in Arlington are planning to hire a Coordinator of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion to help increase diversity among town employees and to handle administrative tasks for the town’s Human Rights Commission, Disability Commission, and Rainbow Commission.

The new coordinator will also investigate complaints about disability accommodations and assist the town in implementing its plan to increase access to people with disabilities.

The new full-time position offers an annual salary of $61,572 to $79,904 plus benefits.

“This is part of the town’s commitment to having a diverse and inclusive community,” Town Manager Adam Chapdelaine said, according to the Arlington Advocate. “… Arlington isn’t on the cutting edge by adding the position, but we are ahead of the curve.”

Town officials are looking for someone with flexibility, discretion, and specific skills.

“The employee has access to sensitive confidential information pertaining to police reports, complaints and legal proceedings,” the job description states. “The employee has a high degree of contact with town committees, town departments, local, state and federal agencies and the public. Contacts are in person, in writing, phone, text, emails and social media.  Contacts require excellent public relations skills, persuasiveness, discretion and resourcefulness. The employee is usually required to attend two or more evening meetings per week. The employee operates standard office equipment and must have reliable transportation to evening meetings. Errors could result in adverse public relations and legal implications.”

The job listing was posted Monday, July 1, with a deadline of Friday, July 26 to apply.



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