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At One Rhode Island Precinct, A Whopping Zero-Percent Voter Turnout

November 9, 2018

It may be a small precinct but it was still apparently too large to draw a single voter to its Providence polling place. Not one.

From an Associated Press dispatch posted on NBC 10 (WJAR): “Rhode Island elections officials say one polling place in Providence did not see a single voter during the midterm elections earlier this week.”

The AP reports that Miguel Nunez, a state elections official, said that only 11 people are registered to vote in Precinct 2807. He also confirmed there were zero ballots cast in the November 6 mid-term elections.

The AP also reports that in 2016 4 voters cast ballots in the tiny precinct — 3 went to Hillary Clinton and 1 to Donald Trump — and none cast ballots in 2014.



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