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Bryon Hefner Took ‘Naked Photos’ of Massachusetts Elected Official, Lawsuit Says

The now-estranged civil-law husband of former Massachusetts Senate President Stan Rosenberg took multiple photos of a naked elected official and showed it to others, a lawsuit says.

After a night of drinking after a political conference in 2013, the unnamed elected official “awoke naked in his own hotel room bed with no memory of how he got there,” lawyer Mitchell Garabedian wrote in the complaint, according to

Garabedian filed the lawsuit on behalf of an unnamed former legislative aide who says Hefner sexually assaulted him at least three times in 2015 and 2016.

The complaint says that Rosenberg was aware of Hefner’s naked photos and that the two of them texted each other in a manner that sexualized aides and the spouse of a colleague on Beacon Hill, according to

Rosenberg resigned from the Massachusetts Senate in May.



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