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Buy Your Local Newspaper During Coronavirus Crisis, Vermont Governor Says

March 30, 2020

Vermont Governor Phil Scott is calling on his state’s residents to support local media outlets amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Many publications are seeing a decline in ad revenue with the number of small businesses that have closed in order to comply with state regulations and social distancing orders.

However, Scott, a Republican, sent out a video tweet urging Vermonters to support local media outlets, if they are able to do so.

He wrote, “Like many in business, trusted news organizations are being hit hard by this pandemic. If you can, please consider subscribing to your local paper or contributing to a VT news organization. You deserve transparency and the truth, and they work hard to keep you informed. #vtpoli”

According to The Hill, there were at least 235 confirmed coronavirus cases in Vermont on Monday, March 30, and 12 deaths related to the virus. The actual number of cases, however, remains unknown and is likely much higher.



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