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Central Maine Healthcare Furloughs 300 Employees

April 8, 2020

At a time when hospitals are fighting against the coronavirus pandemic, one health care company in Maine just announced it will be making cuts to its staff.

Central Maine Healthcare will furlough 300 of its roughly 3,000 health care workers “to ensure stabilized finances as it prepares for a surge in patients battling the coronavirus,” according to the Portland Press Herald.

Of those who were furloughed, about 64 percent of them specifically volunteered to be selected. The furloughed employees will keep receiving health insurance through their employer.

The furlough, Central Main Healthcare says, is expected to last fewer than 90 days, according to the Portland Press Herald.

“We deeply appreciate and are grateful for the sacrifices of our team members at this difficult time,” CEO Jeff Brickman said in a written statement. “Health care organizations everywhere are seeing an immediate economic impact of this pandemic. We needed to act prudently now, to ensure our viability going forward and our growth in a post-COVID future.”



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