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Columbus Statue Vandalized in Providence

October 14, 2019

Vandals splashed a statue of Christopher Columbus designed by the sculptor of the Statue of Liberty with red paint from head to toe in Providence, Rhode Island to mark Columbus Day.

The same statue was hit 2010, 2015, and 2017, according to the Providence Journal.

It’s not clear whether police have surveillance video of the incident, even though the statue has been vandalized multiple times before.

From the Providence Journal:

Providence Police Major David Lapatin said the police learned about this latest incident from social media sometime overnight. Because of the intermittent acts of vandalism in past years, he said, officers had been asked to give “special attention″ to the area as they drove by, but no one was assigned to stake out the location all night.

Some left-wing activists blame Columbus for beginning the westward movement of Europeans into the Americas, which they call “genocide.”

A separate news story in the Providence Journal about the Columbus Day parade on Federal Hill in Providence on Monday, October 14 described the “genocide” as a fact:

The movement began in response to calls from various Native American tribes to end the celebration of Christopher Columbus, whose arrival on what is today Hispaniola began a process of colonization and genocide in the Americas.




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