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Connecticut School Board Brings Back Indian-Theme Nickname for High School

January 16, 2020

A high school in Connecticut has its old nickname back.

Less than a year ago, a Democrat-controlled school board in Killingly voted to change the school’s Redmen nickname, deeming it racist and offensive, as Fox News reports.

However, the Republicans gained power over the school board following last November’s election. It went from a 5-4 Democratic majority to a 6-3 Republican majority.

That enabled Republicans to restore the nickname. The board voted 5-4 to reinstate Redmen, largely along party lines.

According to Fox News, the Republicans running in the election ran on changing the name back to the Redmen. In between, for a brief time, the school’s nickname was the Red Hawks.

The school’s athletic director Kevin Marcoux is not happy the local politicians changed the name back. 

“You are pulling the rug right from beneath us,” he told The Hartford Courant, referring to pro-Redmen board members. “Everywhere we go, we are the laughingstock of the state.”

Karen Fremuth, a Republican member of the board, told The Hartford Courant that the team name has “nothing to do with race” and that the qualities of Redmen are “the same virtues we want in a graduate.”



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