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Connecticut’s General Assembly Forms Council To Keep Eye On Threats To Abortion Rights, “Women’s Health”

June 28, 2019

The Hartford Courant is reporting that the Connecticut General Assembly, in light of recent legislative restrictions on abortion services in others states, has created a 20-member council to ensure “the federal government does not impede the provision of health care to women in Connecticut.” 

The General Assembly was also responding to “possible changes to the Affordable Care Act” that may limit access to abortion, or funding for abortion.

The “Council on Protecting Women’s Health,” the Courant reports, is to “advise the (CT) legislature’s public health and insurance committees on strategies” to protect access to abortion services.

The General Assembly, at least in the Courant report, did not explain whether the council would focus on women’s health in general, or merely would protect access to, and funding of, abortion services.

The Courant reports that the formation of the council was “championed” by Senate Democrats and largely supported by Republicans, though “eight members of the Conservative Caucus” opposed the council’s foundation.

The Democratic Caucus, according to the Courant, wrote in support of the council, saying that “[w]ith women’s healthcare under fire on the federal level, this council can review a legal threat and report to the General Assembly as to what, if any, actions we need to take so we can respond quickly and efficiently to preserve quality care for women here in Connecticut.”

The Courant reports that on Wednesday, Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont signed the bill legalizing the new council.