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Elizabeth Warren Says Massachusetts Could See Future Abortion Restrictions

May 30, 2024

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-Cambridge) seems to think unborn babies could get some protection under the law, even in Massachusetts.

Warren, who supports legal abortion at all stages of pregnancy — even when the unborn baby is viable outside of the womb — made a comment along those lines during an event held by the pro-abortion organization Reproductive Equity Now in Boston on Wednesday, May 29.

“Efforts [to limit abortion rights] won’t be limited to the states where abortion is already restricted,” Warren said, according to the Commonwealth Beacon. “They will be used to block abortion everywhere, including right here in Massachusetts.” 

“The threats are real,” Warren. “I’m grateful to all of you who came today and for everyone who is focused on this issue and understands the immediate threat posed by all of the different ways in which extremist legislators and extremist jurors are hoping to impose an agenda on the rest of America that it does not want. It is our responsibility to fight back.”

Warren pointed to the Comstock Act as an example. It’s an 1873 federal law on the books that makes it illegal to mail obscene materials and any item “intended for producing abortion.”

However, the law has not been enforced by any administration in decades — including under former President Donald Trump, though some abortion opponents say a future Republican administration should do just that.


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