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Elizabeth Warren Trails in Massachusetts Primary Polling After Dismal Performances in Iowa, New Hampshire

February 13, 2020

Elizabeth Warren is trailing in the Massachusetts Democratic presidential primary polls.

Warren, who took a disappointing fourth place finish in the New Hampshire primary, is no longer even leading in the state she represents in the U.S. Senate.

Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner in the Bay State, as FiveThirty Eight notes. Sanders, a U.S. senator from neighboring Vermont, has support from 27 percent in Massachusetts, where the presidential primary is on Tuesday, March 3 (which is so-called Super Tuesday).

Warren is currently in second, with 20 percent.

At various points in FiveThirtyEight’s projections, Warren and Biden also had leads in the state. Now, Biden is third, at 16 percent.

Polling data suggests Warren is not the frontrunner in any state in the primary.

FiveThirtyEight says Warren is now the fifth most likely candidate to earn her party’s nomination, behind Sanders, Biden, former South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, and former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg.



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