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Executives Leaving Globe — Including Some the Globe Wanted To Keep

The Boston Globe has been getting rid of executives in recent months, with top management saying the broadsheet was top-heavy.

But The Boston Business Journal reports that several executives who have left recently or seem about to leave are doing so not according to the Globe’s plan.

“Details of many of the departures are not known, but most of the high-ranking employees who left most recently were said to have left on their own,” the Boston Business Journal reports. “That contrasts with many of the eight executives who left last year, most of whom — with some notable exceptions … — were said to have been essentially forced out.” 

Peter Doucette, the Globe’s chief revenue officer, was touted by owner John Henry in January — but the Business Journal story says he’s leaving.

The story cites an anonymous source saying revenue for the company that owns the Globe was down 30 percent last year from the year before. It quotes a memo from the newspaper’s editor, Brian McGrory, saying the Globe experienced “an unanticipated revenue shortfall heading toward the last half of the year and we need to stem it quickly.”

The executive departures mentioned in the story are unrelated to McGrory’s situation, which is complicated by a suggestive text message he apparently sent a former Globe employee. The Globe is investigating.



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