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Fired Lunch Lady’s Story Falling Apart

May 22, 2019

A former lunch lady who said she was fired for allowing a student to take $8 worth of food he couldn’t immediately pay for actually was giving the boy free food for months, say the food services company and the boy’s mother.

The 17-year-old was supposed to pack a lunch, but instead the lunch lady let the boy have French fries, cookies, and sports drinks, sources told The Union Leader.

The mother showed a reporter from the newspaper Facebook messages that the lunch lady sent to her son trying to get him to help her cover up what she was doing, according to The Union Leader.

The lunch lady has recently told The Union Leader that she allowed the boy to charge food to other students’ accounts, including those of his girlfriend and another student, but the boy’s mother said her son isn’t supposed to be buying a la carte items at the high school cafeteria.

The superintendent of the Mascoma Valley Regional School District in west central New Hampshire has withdrawn her call for the woman to get her job back, and is promising an independent investigation with a public report to follow, according to The Union Leader.



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