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For Seasonal Clam Shack, Rhode Island’s New Paid-Leave Law Could Prove A Nightmare

Evelyn’s in Tiverton, Rhode Island is only open 170 days a year and employees can only take paid sick time and paid family leave time after 150 days.

So might they start taking the days toward the end of the season? Co-owner Jane Bitto doesn’t know, and she doesn’t know how she would handle it if they do.

The clam shack has about 80 employees, so it qualifies under Rhode Island’s new law, which starting July 1 requires businesses with 18 or more employees to offer paid “sick and safe” days to employees, which means “time off to deal with illness, family [problems], domestic violence, and other similar circumstances,” according to the Providence Journal.

They’ll qualify for three days in 2018, four days in 2019, and five days in 2020 and beyond.

How much will it cost, and will some employees take the paid time off whether they need it or not?

“I’m sure they’re going to take advantage of a free paid day if it’s a law,” Britto told the Providence Journal.

The newspaper also interviewed officials at two larger businesses that aren’t fazed by the new law because they already offer the benefits that the law requires.



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