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Former Connecticut Governor To Lead University of Maine

May 31, 2019

One of Connecticut’s most unpopular governors in history is taking over the University of Maine system as chancellor.

Dannel Malloy, 63, a Democrat, will earn $350,000 a year plus a housing allowance. That’s a 26 percent increase over what the current chancellor of the University of Maine system is making ($277,500).

As governor Malloy implemented tax increases on income, gasoline, sales, and estates and oversaw a debt-riddled Connecticut state government that lost the confidence of voters and investors alike.

James Erwin, chairman of the board of trustees, alluded to Malloy’s problems in office, while putting them in a positive light: “As governor he delivered reforms and structural changes to state government that were not always popular, and certainly not expedient, but that advanced the long term interest of his state and its citizens.”

Malloy spent the past semester teaching at his alma mater, Boston College Law School.

Running for re-election in Connecticut wasn’t an option for Malloy. In July 2018, four months before the last election, he had a disapproval rating of 71 percent.



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