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Former New Boston Post Editor-in-Chief Joins Board of Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance

May 16, 2019

Founding New Boston Post editor-in-chief Jennifer Braceras has joined the board of the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, a tax and spending watchdog on Beacon Hill.

Braceras, of Concord, and Ann Sullivan of Dedham joined the board earlier this month, the organization announced Thursday.

Helen Brady of Concord joined the board in January.

Paul Craney, spokesman for the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, hailed the three new members as reflecting the organization’s mission to hold state legislators accountable and improve economic conditions in the state.

Braceras served as editor-in-chief of New Boston Post from before it started publishing in July 2015 until December 2016.

“Jennifer Braceras is one of the state’s leading conservative voices. Her columns have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Boston Herald, and even the Boston Globe. Jennifer is a former Commissioner of the United States Commission on Civil Rights and taught constitutional law at both Boston College Law School and Suffolk University Law School,” Craney said in a written statement Thursday, May 16.

Brady was the 2018 Republican nominee for state auditor, which she lost this past November to the incumbent, Suzanne Bump.

“Helen Brady brings decades of experience in the non-profit sector and more recently, as a statewide candidate for office. Anyone who knows Helen, knows that she is passionate about what she believes in and we are delighted that she is passionate about MassFiscal,” Craney said.

 Sullivan is a business founder and executive.

“Ann Sullivan is a lifelong business owner and involved in many employer organizations. As a woman employer in the construction industry, she’s made her mark in the Boston area. Ann is President and CEO of Metro Equipment Corporation, an award-winning sitework company, which she co-founded in 1986. She is also a founder and General Partner of OARS Enterprises, L.L.C., a property management company. In 2016 she also co-founded and is the current President of F&L Landscaping Corporation, another Boston based firm specializing in commercial landscaping. All her life, Ann has been starting successful businesses and employing people across Massachusetts. Ann knows firsthand the rewards and hardships of being an employer and how public policies from our state’s lawmakers can interfere with their success,” Craney said.