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Governor Charlie Baker’s Approval Rating Slips in Massachusetts

January 17, 2020

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker is no longer the most popular governor in America.

Morning Consult released polling results Thursday, January 16 of the most and least popular governors in the United States. Although Baker remains popular in Massachusetts, he is no longer number one.

Baker fell to third in the polling, marking the first time since September 2016 when he did not top the list. In the new rankings, Baker was tied for the highest approval rating in the country with two other Republicans:  Mark Gordon of Wyoming and Larry Hogan of Maryland. Each of the three has a 69 percent approval rating. However, Baker has a higher disapproval rating than the other three.

Gordon’s disapproval rating is 11 percent, Hogan’s disapproval rating is 16 percent and Baker’s is 19 percent. So Baker’s net approval is lower.

Baker has lost some popularity. In the fall, he had a 73 percent approval rating and a 14 percent disapproval rating, as points out.

Baker is least popular among Massachusetts Republicans than any of the three main political affiliations in the state. His net approval rating was +54 among Democrats. Among independents, it stood at +41. And among Republicans, it is only +41.

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