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Doctors To Ask Patients About Guns in Home If Boston Mayor Gets His Way

January 11, 2019

Doctors would have to ask patients if they have guns in their home if the Massachusetts Legislature approves a new state law proposed by Boston Mayor Marty Walsh.

The bill, called “An Act To Prevent Gun Violence,” “would require medical professionals to ask patients about the presence of guns in their homes, with the goal of identifying red flags that could indicate risks related to suicide, domestic violence, or child access to guns,” according to a written statement from the mayor’s office.

The measure is part of the mayor’s “health and public safety” legislative package.

Another proposed bill would allow police to fine the owners of vehicles found with illegal firearms up to $2,000 and impound the car until the fine is paid.

A third bill would require police everywhere in the state to enter ballistics data from every gun involved in a crime in the National Integrated Ballistics Information Network, which the mayor’s office says “would help law enforcement professionals spot patterns that would better help them prioritize investigations.”

The Boston Globe first reported the proposed measures.



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