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Judge Says School Doesn’t Have To Let Fireballer Transfer Try Out For Varsity Baseball Team

A teen-ager in Falmouth, Maine who transferred to a high school in the nearby city of Portland this past January can’t force his new high school to let him try out for the school’s varsity baseball team, a federal judge ruled.

PrinceHoward Barbecue Yee, 15, can throw the ball 85 miles per hour, according to The Bangor Daily News.

His problem is that the principal of his new school thinks he transferred primarily to play for the school’s baseball team, which violates Maine Principal Association rules governing transfers.

“That is an impressive fastball, I have to say, for someone so young,” the judge said, according to The Bangor Daily News. “But I just don’t see this as being about a right to an education.”

A lawyer for the boy, who goes by Barbecue, likened him to Tiger Woods in court. After the ruling, he said he’s not sure of the family’s next legal move.

In the meantime, Barbecue plans to play for the school’s junior varsity team.




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