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Maine Company To Give Employees $50 A Week For Takeout To Help Struggling Restaurants

March 30, 2020

The chief executive officer of a payment-processing company in Portland, Maine is planning to give his employees $50 a week in April to buy takeout food from local restaurants during the coronavirus emergency.

Jamie Nonni told WGME-TV Channel 13 in Portland that he feels fortunate that his company, MuniciPAY, is financially stable during a troubling time, and that he wants to help out fellow businessmen who are struggling.

He said he’d like to see other businesses do something comparable.

“You know, the employees feel good, we’re doing something good, and that’s it. Hopefully this will grow to be some big number. I know you can’t save everybody, but that’s something I’m willing to do to give back from our team, as we have benefited from a strong economy in the past,” Nonni told WGME, the local CBS affiliate.

MuniciPAY provides electronic payment processing for government, education, and utilities, according to its web site. Employees of the company are currently working from home, according to a company statement.

Nonni expects the subsidized takeout meals will cost the company about $2,500, according to the company’s Facebook page.



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