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Maine Green Party U.S. Senate Candidate Goes Independent To Ease Path To Ballot

February 25, 2020

One alternative U.S. Senate candidate in Maine found what she thinks is an easier way to qualify to be on the ballot in November’s election.

Lisa Savage, an educator from Solon, Maine, initially wanted to run as a member of the Maine Green Independent Party, but decided against it because of the signature requirements to get on the ballot, according to the Associated Press. Instead, she now plans to run as an independent.

Under Maine law, Savage would have needed 2,000 signatures from Green Party voters by March 15 to qualify for the party’s June 9 primary.

As an independent, however, Savage needs 4,000 signatures, but the deadline for those signatures is June 1 and she can get them from any registered voter in the state.

Savage will still seek the endorsement of the Green Independent Party, according to the Associated Press.

The seat is currently held by Republican U.S. Senator Susan Collins, and leans Republican in the 2020 race, according to Politico, although a recent poll shows the like Democratic challenger, Sara Gideon, the Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives, slightly ahead.

A Green Party-endorsed candidate could in theory draw some votes away from the Democratic nominee in the general election, which could have an effect if the race remains tight.



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