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Mainstream Newspaper Reader Triggered By Conservative Column

November 5, 2019

An apparently faithful reader of the Providence Journal was upset by the appearance of an anti-impeachment column during the vacation of the newspaper’s editorial pages editor.

The column by Jay Ambrose of Tribune News Service, which was published in the Providence Journal on Sunday, November 3, addresses the attempt by Democrats to impeach President Donald Trump for his half-hour telephone conversation with the president of Ukraine on July 25 during which Trump discussed a stalled investigation in that country of former vice president Joe Biden’s son. The column includes the lines:

“Trump was out of line, but not to the degree of impeachment. Joe Biden’s conflicts of interest are actually a much bigger deal.”

A Providence Journal reader who lives in Warren, Rhode Island wrote a letter to the editor published on Monday, November 4. The letter includes the lines:

“For as long as I can remember, the space typically allotted to the editorial has always been bipartisan. Editorial Pages Editor Edward Achorn takes a vacation and here is Mr. Ambrose jamming his right-wing opinion down my throat on a Monday morning.”



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