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Massachusetts Governor Against Opening Up Less Hard-Hit Areas of State

April 29, 2020

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker said he doesn’t plan to allow areas of the state less hard hit by coronavirus to reopen for business before the rest of the state.

A reporter asked Baker about that possibility during his coronavirus press conference Tuesday, April 28. The reporter noted that Cape Cod and western Massachusetts seem to be doing relatively well.

Baker began his answer by talking about New England as a region with what he called a “small geography,” and he said that the governors of the six New England states are in frequent communication with each other and are unlikely to act unilaterally, for fear of attracting people from other states if their state is the only one open for business.

“And under those kinds of terms I don’t anticipate that we’ll choose to single one region out over another,” Baker said.

Baker acknowledged that western Massachusetts is doing fairly well, after being hard hit.

“I’m glad to see the numbers there moving in the right direction. I would hate to do anything to screw that up,” Baker said.



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