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Massachusetts’s New Anti-Cell-Phone Driving Law To Take Effect Next Weekend

February 17, 2020

Massachusetts’ hands free driving law is about to take effect next weekend.

Under the new law, drivers will not be allowed to use their mobile device while driving unless it is on hands-free mode, according to WCVB-TV Channel 5 in Boston.

The law will allow drivers to view a map on a mobile navigation system if the mobile device is mounted to the car’s center console, windshield, or dashboard. It will also allow people to answer emergency telephone calls and allow first responders to use their cell phones to do their jobs.

In addition, those who are in the driver’s seat when a car is stationary and their car is parked safely will be allowed to use their mobile devices.

The new law, which was approved by the Massachusetts Legislature in November, is scheduled to take effect on Sunday, February 23.

Initially, the penalty for breaking the rule will be a warning, but those penalties will become more strict at the start of April 2020. Then, a first time offender will be fined $100, a second time offender will be fined $250, and any offense after that will result in a $500 fine.



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