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MassFiscal Poll Finds That Carbon-Emissions Gas ‘Fee’ Is Unpopular in Massachusetts

January 23, 2020

Massachusetts residents are skeptical of of Governor Charlie Baker’s Transportation and Climate Initiative fee on gasoline providers, according to a new poll.

The, poll released by the Massachusetts Fiscal Alliance, which opposes the proposal. found that more than 61 percent of state residents strongly or somewhat oppose the Bay State joining the Transportation and Climate Initiative if neighboring states opt out of it — as some have been doing.,

This is the first public opinion poll released measuring support for the TCI since cost estimates were publicly revealed in December.

The proposal would increase the gas tax by up to 17 cents per gallon and would generate an estimated $500 million in tax revenue that would go towards funding public transportation.

Republican Governors Chris Sununu of New Hampshire and Phil Scott of Vermont oppose the carbon-emissions gas fee, as does Connecticut’s Democratic Governor Ned Lamont., Janet Mills, the Democratic governor of Maine, has not committed to joining it, either.

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker remains committed to joining the regional gas-fee initiative, but several Republicans in the state Legislature are actively opposing it and no Republican has endorsed it.

Previously, Massachusetts residents voted against a gas tax increase. A ballot question which would have  indexed the gas tax to inflation in 2014 got voted down.

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